Is a company created by Polish seasoned designer DARIUSZ ZARANSKI. With more than 30 years of experience in designing and producing unique amber, silver and gold jewelry New Age Design is a strong brand. Their jewelry is well recognized among thousands of other patterns because of the simplicity of shapes and perfect manufacturing. They are all about caring for details and clarity of forms.
The work of owner and main designer of New Age Design, DARIUSZ ZARANSKI is presented at various exhibitions in many galleries and museums.


We work from the need of the heart. A long time since nearly a quarter of an century has matured the idea of the fruit of this site and NEW AGE DESIGN on line. It is made up of people prepared for their roles because of their qualifications, competencies and many years of experience. Our personal branding is more than personal consulting. This encourages you to be yourself, to challenge yourself, discover who you are and find courage to be authentic. It’s not artificial, imposed by others to create an external image, but an attempt to combine what is invisible at first sight with what we present to the world through superficial, seemingly, attributes.

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